Since 2012, we have been running a successful apprenticeship program at Conchita Perez Ltd.
We support the apprentices’ development, helping transform their potential through the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values the labour  market needs. This includes teamwork, communication, leadership, flexibility and responsiveness, alongside creativity, innovation, and problem solving.
Our apprentices get high quality training, hands-on experience, real responsibilities, and the opportunity to develop different skills within various disciplines.

Pauline from Hackney Wick, working in a silk skirt and developing pressing techniques for seams and gathers.

Marta Aradas Santos, Age: 20 years old

I have been a part of the Apprenticeship program with Conchita Perez Atelier twice, which already says a lot about them, the environment of the atelier, and the work ethic they have, since Apprenticeships don't usually repeat...They have been wonderful teachers and mentors, personal and professional. While I was there they were kind and protective over their workers...
My learning experience there was so fruitful, giving us tasks that may be far from our comfort zone, but having full confidence is our capabilities, providing us with tools and patience for trial and error to achieve what we were looking for....  

Conchita has such love and care for craftsmanship everything is made to the highest detail, and combined with their technology side makes this studio something worth protecting. Their designs enrich both the fashion industry and the future of the girls and boys that may go through that door and have that same first working experience and learn as much as we were lucky enough to learn.

Susan working with a silk dress and using hand sewing and embroidering techniques.

Nina Cutler, Age 24 years old

I was lucky enough to be part of the Conchita Perez Apprenticeship as a production assistant. Freshly graduated from a BA in Fashion Design from Edinburgh College of Art, it was an opportunity to experience and be part of a small, experimental and vibrant creative business. I found the studio to be a very welcoming and open place, where I felt supported to experiment with and learn new skills, as well as nurture skills I had previously learnt, under the expert guidance of Conchita. They showed me novelways of approaching fashion, as something more embedded with socio-political consciousness, and I had an opportunity  to be part of more site-specific work such as their local guerrilla communication campaign and community-based shop/ open studio.
These experiences helped expand my practice, which I believe contributed to my career progression, from starting and completing a Masters in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins, exhibiting as an independent creative practitioner at various design weeks internationally, to my current roe as Policy Designer at the UK Cabinet Office’s Policy Lab.

Charlotte focus working in different leather techniques.

Talia Donoghue, Age: 19 years old  

Over the Christmas break, I started looking for an Apprenticeship program in order to further my understanding within the fashion
industry. I was lucky enough to be accepted at Conchita Perez, and I have never enjoyed work so much!  

Working alongside the fashion designer  herself is really giving me an insight as to what it would be like if I ever chose to do this as a career. From fabric development to hand-sewing a patchwork skirt, I have already, in just three weeks, begun to gain more skills.  

Although stressful times, I know that it will be more than worth it. Even working backstage at London Fashion Week, which has always been a dream of mine; I could not have asked for a better opportunity.

Thanks Conchita!!


Apprenticeships are available for young women and men aged 16 and over.  

CP is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for everyone. Entry onto a CP apprenticeship is not restricted in terms of gender, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

We encourage applications from under-represented groups such as  women and ethnic minorities.  

Please send your Cover Letter and CV to  
Looking forward to hear from you!

Lucy and Maria working in developing mannequins for one of our installations.
Conchita Perez, Ltd. 2020 London, England.