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It is what it is

Conchita Perez isn’t just a fashion brand, it’s a supply chain. We combine design and manufacturing in the same location to seamlessly connect supply and demand. In a period of turbulence, this manages uncertainty by shifting away from forecast-driven inventory to agile, flexible and responsive production

CP Micro Lab is a 2,000 square foot facility in East London that houses a dedicated team of cutters, seamstresses, technology developers, and media & marketing specialists. It doesn’t replace traditional manufacturing; instead, it fills a new need for small runs and localised production. We currently manufacture patterns in our MicroLab and scale production with a partner in our local London community.

This hub is where our team constantly develops and innovates designs, with new technologies and advanced fabric materials. It’s a place for experimenting, testing and creating prototypes to a personalised fit before they’re sent to manufacturers.


In the Micro Lab, we also do foundational research in biomechanics, physiology, ergonomics and fit, in collaboration with universities. We develop new computational 3D pattern making and the dynamic blocks containing the rules and parameters of the FCUT system. And we innovate streamlined production techniques to reduce wastage through optimal pattern cutting and minimise returns thanks to perfect fit.